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Food can heal you

January 03, 2015

When I started my weight loss journey I was learning how to do everything from scratch. I had to change everything I did, especially my way of thinking. I have spent many hours looking at recipes and learning how to cook and prepare food a completely different way. This is a picture of the lunch I made my husband and I yesterday. We started a 21 day total body cleanse called The Ultimate Reset. It has been another learning experience for me. I have lost 50lbs so far thanks to my Paleo lifestyle. I did this cleanse a few years ago before Paleo living and loved it! I still have about 30 lbs to go but I know through my healthy lifestyle I will achieve my goal. If anyone is interested in having more information about the Ultimate Reset reach out to me! You can find me on FB at Tamara Delaney Hobson. I will post more of my reset meals on the blog. Food can heal you! Love and peace to you all!


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