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Rub Some Coconut Oil On It!

August 08, 2014

My Daughters say; "Your turning into the Dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" the one who uses Windex, only you use coconut oil".   I have a friend who faithfully uses it for everything! Her skin is gorgeous, teeth are white, hair shiny and maintains a healthy weight.  She and I have had dozens of conversations about the uses for coconut oil.  I decided to start using it the way she does.  This same friend helped me get thru my first round of Whole 30.  I will write about that next!  I was already using coconut milk in place of dairy now I would buy my first jar of unrefined cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil.  I slowly started replacing my other cooking oils.  I would make scrambled eggs, drop a little coconut oil and smell the magic!  When I stir fry veggies they are so fragrant and tender.  Started using coconut oil on my face in place of my Aveda skincare products.  Now lets be clear this did not happen over night, this took weeks but you know what?  I saw a change!  My skin was looking better.  I have always had really bad chin acne and brown spots on my cheeks from all my California summers at the beach.  My daughters started using coconut oil on their faces before bed and my 16 year old, no more acne.  Her friends ask her all the time what she is using and now they are trying it with great results! Coconut oil is anti microbial, natural antibiotic, healthy fat and the list goes on. I have read numerous books about coconut oil but this is my favorite. Go to your local library or bookstore and check it out! Lots of great info for beginners and even experts. photo          

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