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Just another day at the market...

We have spent the Summer loving the warm weather, friends and healthy food. This morning we headed off to our local farmers market with coffees in hand and empty bags to be filled with organic produce.  The Seattle area is famous for gorgeous bouquet of flowers wrapped in paper. Our farmers market always has a beautiful selection. Today wasn't any different. My youngest daughter picked out this lovely bunch. It is filled with dahlias, zinnias, stock, dianthus and foxglove to name a few. These bouquets will last for a week or two and cost $10. Score!  I always pick up my meat from Olsen Farms. I use it at home and lately for my my business. They are from Coleville, WA and make a 6 hour drive to our market and I'm sure glad they do! Their beef, lamb and pork is grass-fed and grass-finished. Their dried meat is amazing! To learn more about Olsen Farms http://potato1123.blogspot.com/2011/02/love-potato.html?m=1 I picked up a few pounds of pablano peppers. During this time of year I make pablano pepper sauce. After it is freshly made, it will store for months in Mason jars. Our family uses it to add flavor to egg scrambles, soups and roasted vegetables. I will write a blog post after this one and share the recipe. I tried something new today, Bubblegum plums. They are pink and round and incredibly sweet.  These won't last long in our house. 

Who needs mashed taters..

I just bought some really nice parsnips and rutabaga's to mash. My family loves to dip their steak in this creamy concoction. The combo creams like potatoes but has a fresh celery taste which goes lovely with steak and chicken. Peel and cube your parsnips and rutabaga's then boil until fork tender. I used 3 medium rutabaga's and 2 large parsnips.    Drain and place in your food processor. Add 1 tablespoon grass fed butter, salt, pepper and about 1/3 cup of unsweetened coconut milk. Process on high for about 3 minutes or until smooth. For a thinner mash add more coconut milk. Enjoy!   
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