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Whole 30 Approved..

Dinner was served late tonight and I still managed to stay on track for day two! I pan fried pork loin chops in coconut oil after I sprinkled both sides with Trader Joe's 21 seasoning and sea salt. The chops are pretty thick, 2 inches almost. To make sure they are thoroughly cooked I flipped them after 10 mins. Another 10 minutes pass and I take them out to rest for five minutes like I do beef before serving      Right now artichokes are looking amazing. I steamed three of those up. The artichokes usually take 45 minutes to steam in a big pot with about 2 cups of water.     When the artichokes are fork tender I know their ready to serve. I cut them in half before serving.     Plate your pork loin chops, artichokes and serve with some Paleo mayonnaise.  So easy and healthy! 


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