3 Day Cleanse

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Size: 3 Day
Detox: None
Vegan Option: Non Vegan

3 Day Cleanse

Our 3 day detox package includes 9 juices, 3 smoothies, and 6 entrees (3 dinners, 3 lunches)

What you get:
Spinach Lemon Juice x3
• spinich
• kiwi
• kale
• lemon
Blueberry Detox Juice x3
• mint
• blueberries
• coconut water
• spirulina
Roots & Leaves Juice x3
• beet tops
• beets
• lemon
• green apple
Green Hemp Protein Smoothies x3
• hemp protein powder
• banana
• micro greens
• sea moss
(3) Dinners
(3) Lunches

Detoxing will not only help you feel less bloated, reduce pain, remove waste from your digestive tract, and cleanse your body of heavy metals, but give your gut some time to heal and restores your body's balance.
�This is the perfect starter cleanse if you haven't done a detox before or if you haven't done it for a long time. Then you can decide to enjoy one of our longer programs.

Over the next three days, eliminate all sweets, alcohol, sodas, and processed food from your diet. You’ll also avoid grains, gluten, and animal products. Replace them with our green juices, smoothies, lean proteins and lots of plant-based material. Stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water.