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Turmeric Tonic

Turmeric is teamed up with superstar ingredients that are known in folk – and modern – medicine for their benefits:


Ginger is a powerful antioxidant that increases circulation and reduces inflammation.It has long been used in folk medicine to soothe nausea.
Coconut water is often referred to as “Nature’s Gatorade.” It contains 13 times more potassium – an electrolyte needed for proper cell function – than Gatorade, plus twice the amount of electrolytes.
Lemon is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that is needed to manufacture glutathione, a tripeptide that assists with detoxification.
Raw honey is rich in minerals and easily digestible sugars, which signal “the body to down-regulate the production of stress hormones like cortisol. 
Unrefined sea salt contains 84 minerals that support adrenal function, help regulate blood volume and blood pressure
Black pepper improves the absorption of the turmeric.

2oz shot

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