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Turmeric Granola

Given my addiction to turmeric, I decided to add a spoonful to the granola mixture and the end result was wonderful: a super crunchy, naturally sweetened granola, that’s like little pieces of edible gold.

I wanted the granola to be crunchy but with a bit of chewy parts too, so I made a mix of rolled oats, nuts and dried mulberries that are absolute favorite for bringing a bit of caramel-like taste to anything. 

The granola is sweetened with bananas and maple syrup, which are really lovely together with the turmeric and bring just the right amount of sweetness

Ingredients; gluten-free rolled oats, brazil nuts, sliced almonds, dried unsweetened mulberries, coconut oil, bananas, pure maple syrup, turmeric powder, ground cardamom

16oz sealed jar 

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