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Super Food Cleanse and Detox

Superfoods are exceptional nutrient in density and if you’re looking for the ultimate cleanse, this is the package for you.

Green vegetable packed food will do wonders for your skin and fight sugar cravings. As with all packages, flavour is key, and the balance of juices and meals will keep you sustained throughout the day. A great alternative if you've been considering a juice cleanse programme and are looking to lose weight but want something more filling.

Glowing insides start with a simple glass of water. We recommend you stay well hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water each day. Herbal teas are a great way of filling this quota!

• Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pudding, plus juices and immunity elixir
• 1,200 calories
• Green vegetables sit alongside 16 ounces lean protein per day
• Protein includes turkey, chicken and fish
• All meat is free-range from sustainably sourced
• Low in carbohydrates
• Suitable for a Paleo diet
• Always dairy, refined sugar and wheat free

What your day will look like....

BREAKFAST: Mango & coconut chia
JUICE 2: Super Spirulina
LUNCH: Rainbow veggie poke bowl with protein
NUTS: Walnuts
DINNER: Beetroot, carrot & kale salad with thyme dressing with protein
PUDDING: Pistachio truffle, healthy fat before bed

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