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Superfood Cleanse's and Detox's

Spring Awakening


A detox shouldn’t be a challenge for your body, but more of a pampering way to cleanse it and prepare for a new season. Our body has its own natural detoxification functions, and you can support a diet loaded with nourishing, diverse, fresh, seasonal and local produce and proteins  

“Detoxification” means the removal of toxins from the body along with preservatives, pesticides, stimulants, and heavy metals—through organic food, water, and air. Our bodies produces toxins, called metabolic waste products, as a natural result of processes like digestion and respiration. Your digestive, endocrine, and circulatory systems come equipped with a complex set of mechanisms designed to eliminate these toxins through your mouth, eyes, skin, colon, urinary tract—even your breath. Too much sugar, caffeine, and processed foods, little to no exercise, and and stress can slow the body's natural detox process.


This will be the perfect opportunity to:

•Increase your energy

•Lose that Winter weight

•Calm down internal inflammation 

•Boost your immunity

•Improve digestion

•Learn healthy eating habits 

•Repair after frequent colds and flu, tiredness, cellulite, blemishes and puffy eyes could all be banished as your lymphatic system shifts into a higher gear.

•Heal clogged sinuses, congestion and nasal drip which can disappear when your lungs function properly.


  • Eliminate the following from your diet entirely: alcohol; caffeine (tea, coffee, sodas, etc.); dairy products; wheat; red meat (including ham, sausage, etc.); convenience, processed, “junk” and “fast” foods (including ready-meals); sugar. Don’t panic – this (surprisingly) leaves you with a large choice of good food.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. We offer fresh soups, salads, spring stews and stir-frys, fruit and vegetable juices, especially beetroot, broccoli and celery, are ideal for detoxing along with healing elixirs. 
  • Two or three servings of protein a day of deep-water fish, organic eggs and chicken and legumes. 
  • Drink eight glasses of still (not carbonated) water a day to help flush your kidneys and digestive system. Hot water is used extensively for detoxing in the ancient Indian system of ayurveda, and although it may sound unappealing, it can be quite pleasant, particularly with a little lemon. Fill a thermos and keep it on your desk
  • Exercise. When detoxing try to incorporate some exercise into every day. Walking and swimming help the lymphatic system. Yoga is superb as it supports and strengthens all the systems of the body. 
  • Be gentle on yourself. Learn to listen to your body and its needs. 
  • Practice good, deep breathing. Even if it's just for five minutes a day, take time out to focus on your breath, allowing your abdomen to press out as you breathe in, and flatten as you breathe out.


You will enjoy...

morning breakfast

mid-afternoon protein bites 

cold brew fruit infused tea


afternoon protein bites

cold brew fruit infused tea










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