Holistic Lifestyle Program

Holistic Lifestyle Program

6 Month all-inclusive program | Currently limited to 25 people

Our newest program is customized & designed around the individual. This Holistic Lifestyle approach begins with You and our team of professionals to:

  • Identify where You and Your body currently are through physician directed metabolic testing
  • Create a plan designed around Your current state
    • Meal program (180 Days of Food) 
    • Fitness program
    • Wellness program
  • Implement a pathway to help You achieve your goals
  • And support You during the entire process

Our Team

  • Naturopathic Physician
  • Holistic Chef
  • Nutritionist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Functional Fitness Trainers
  • Success Coach

To learn more & sign up today, please contact Dean directly dean@thecustomplate.com

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