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How it Works & Delivery Details

Shipping policy

Delivery Details

Order Deadlines
    • Monday Delivery - Order must be in by the preceding Thursday @ 3pm
    • Friday Delivery - Order must be in by the preceding Tuesday @ 3pm
Delivery Dates & Times
    • Mondays between the hours of 2am & 8am
    • Fridays between the hours of 2am & 8am
Pickup Dates & Times
    • Mondays @ 9am
    • Fridays @ 9am

Packaging & Cooling

  • We strive to minimize waste and have discussed in detail with the health department about delivery process
  • Please place a regular sized cooler with ice or cooling packs to receive your meals.
  • Meals are delivered in recyclable bags WITHOUT cooling gel packs 
  • Per King County DPH food can sit out for up to four hours without refrigeration (FDA says 6 hours)
  • We transport food at 34 degrees and drop off at your residence between 2am & 8am. If you leave a cooler for us, your food will be placed in that. 


  • Our meal containers are microwave safe and oven safe to 325 degrees. 
  • Your food is fully cooked and ready to eat, you are only gently warming 

Apartments and Buildings with Restricted Access

There are several ways we can gain access to a building. The solution depends on your individual situation. Below is a list of some common ways that have worked in the past:

  • Provide us with key code access
  • Provide us with a key or fob
  • Utilize a realtors key box with pass code so we can use when we are delivering food
  • Work with property management to get us vendor access to building
  • Buzz us in when we call in the wee hours of the morning


The Custom Plate was created out of the desire to make it easy for you and your family to eat healthy, every day. We create customizable meals that meet the nutritional needs of your lifestyle or event.

We utilize organic produce, grass-fed meats, wild caught fish and seafood, and organic free-range chicken. Our food is always antibiotic, hormone and preservative free.

Daily, Weekly & monthly meal offerings. Student meal plans, Meal Prep programs

Weight-loss, Detoxification and specialty meal plans designed to help you achieve your goals. 


Customers are responsible for all delivery & shipping costs.