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How does a Cleanse Work?

Our cleansing programs are a unique experience using only organic, whole plant-based foods & artisan juices. We take care of all the details for you.

Each day you will enjoy a delicious combination of healthy juices and smoothies, and nutritious (mostly) raw foods & superfood snacks – all developed to detoxify your body. The menu on each of our cleanse programs rotates with new items daily so you get to taste all the delicious flavors of The Custom Plate throughout your cleanse experience without having to eat or drink the same thing every day

Pickup & Delivery

For local Seattle area residents, all of our Cleanses are available.

Nationwide Shipping

We now offer our Superfood cleanses nationwide. To maintain optimal freshness we ship 3 days at a time for any of our 3 day programs and offer our 4 and 5 day programs in 2 shipments.

It is important to note that you will begin your cleanse the day after your shipment arrives. You will be receiving an email on the day prior to your cleanse, with detailed instructions for how to start your cleanse.

Please note that we cannot guarantee shipment times through Fedex nor can we control weather conditions. Should your cleanse arrive late, please follow the instructions provided while you wait for your shipment. Please also make sure that you have selected a ship-to location where you would like it to arrive during the window of 9am-12pm.

What to Expect

Before You Start

You will receive a pre cleanse email outlining all the information to help you prepare for your cleanse. Please make sure to read this email in detail. If you did not receive this email, please contact us at chef@thecustomplate.com

During Your Cleanse

You will receive a cleanse card with your cleanse that provides an overview of everything you need to know. You will also receive email support throughout the cleanse process.

Depending on your current health and lifestyle, you may experience the effects of detoxification as your body releases toxins from your tissues into the bloodstream.

Common symptoms may last a few hours or a couple of days, and include:

You can often reduce these symptoms with the following simple tips:

Please visit our FAQ for many other questions you may have prior to or during your cleanse. Should you need immediate attention, please contact your doctor. If you have further questions about our cleanse programs or need assistance during your cleanse, please contact our cleanse concierge at chef@thecustomplate.com or call (206) 486-5840.