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We are the least expensive, MOST nutritious, convenient and accommodating meal service in the area

Wellness Programs for your Life

Our plans are designed to support you on your journey. We are the ONLY meal prep and delivery service customizing food to meet your bodies needs.

When your life is derailed by illness, finding the strength to regain control can be daunting. The Custom Plate offers an opportunity for people who are on their way back from a health crisis to regain their health, and get their lives back.

We provide expert chef-prepared meals for clients recovering from Orthopedic, Cardiac, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. Have you been placed on a LowFODMap, Antihistimine or anti candida meal plan? We have got you!

All our meals are gluten free, allergy free and personally crafted by holistic chefs.

All of these plans can support healthy weightloss, weightgain, reduce inflammation and support recovery from exercise, injury or surgery.

If you would like to consult with one of our health and wellness experts and coaches please schedule a Wellness Consult today.