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CLOSED 12/24 - 12/28

CLOSED 12/24 - 12/28

CLOSED 12/24 - 12/28



Shredded cabbage, tender ground pork, loads of sesame Asian flavor in the sauce and a creamy red chili sauce on top

PALEO/GLUTEN FREE/KETO/ORGANIC pork, cabbage, sesame oil, ginger, garlic,onion, rice wine vinegar, green onion, Sriracha, coconut cream , salt and pepper
CAL 389/FAT 12g/PROTEIN 36g

Ready to eat. If you aren’t enjoying straight away, we recommend storing in the fridge below 35°

Delivery Schedule:

Mercer Island:

Monday through Friday between 4pm and 6pm
Weekend orders will be delivered on Fridays

Greater Seattle Area: 

Monday & Friday Bulk deliveries between 3am and 7am

M, T, W, Th delivered on Monday

F, Sat, Sun delivered on Friday

All meals Gluten free, Dairy free, and Soy free unless specified otherwise