Looking for a Customized weight loss program and free wellness strategy session? 

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Get My Life Back | Health Intelligence & Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Get My Life Back | Health Intelligence & Healing Through Food

You will start with the World's First Health Intelligence Test

  • Human Gene Expression Test & Gut Microbiome Test in one
  • Over 30 Cellular, Mitochondrial & Gut Health Insight scores
  • Personalized food & supplement recommendations based on your bioindividual test insights

Step two - Wellness strategy session to discuss your results, your health & your plan

Step three - Personalized Wellness Coaching with our trained Health Coaches to help you work towards your specific health and life goals. 

Optional Supplements to further optimize your healing and physical health. 

The Custom Plate & Viome

For the past 5 years The Custom Plate, LLC offered Food Reactivity-Based Meal Programs. Our partner naturopaths worked directly with our patients to identify potentially inflammatory causing foods while The Custom Plate’s Holistic Chef’s prepared patient-specific meal programs. These are not meal plans and recipes you cook at home; they are Precise Foods we prepare based on your body’s metabolism.  Combining this with our Holistic Nutritionists & Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches, our clients have accomplished amazing goals!

The lives changed and the results achieved have been astounding *

·         7 – 80 lbs maintained weight loss

·         Weight gain and muscle mass improved

·         Post-surgical recovery time improved

·         Bedridden in a nursing home to living a functional life without pain

·         Leg edema resolved and medication use reduced

·         Vitality and sexual relationships improved

·         Eczema and other skin issues improved or resolved

·         Food allergies & sensitivities identified

·         Sleep improved

·         Energy levels improved

·         Digestion & elimination stabilized

·         Brain fog gone

·         Joint pain resolved

·         Pain levels improved


Today we partnered with Viome whose mission is to help people understand what they uniquely need to be healthy. Viome’s Health Intelligence Test measures your cellular, mitochondrial and gut microbiome health and provides food recommendations and individualized supplements. These results inform further personalization of your meal program with evidence-based data.

Because of the unique planning and customization that goes in to this program, there are no refunds. Please consider carefully if this is the right program for you. If you are only interested in purchasing the Health Intelligence Test, you can do that here.