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Providing our hormones with the raw materials they need to build, balance and perform their various tasks is a crucial step in balancing our hormones. Thankfully, our hormones desperately want to balance and work efficiently for us, so with a little love and care plus consuming these 6 foods for hormone health, you will be amazed at the results….

•Mineral Rich Sea Salt

provide the adrenals with the raw materials they need to function and thus help balance the body’s natural stress response. Pure, mineral rich salt is balanced in minerals so that your body receives exactly what it needs.

 •Brazil Nuts

best source of selenium, an important mineral crucial to your thyroid health, especially in converting T4 into the active thyroid hormone T3. Thyroid health is crucial to balancing hormones in general and selenium can act as a catalyst to thyroid functioning and metabolism.

 •Nourishing Fats

 Your sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) and adrenal hormones (cortisol) are cholesterol derived hormones meaning they are made from essential fatty acids. In simple terms, these hormones are made from cholesterol. So yes, those avocado slices and spoonfuls of Hollandaise are providing your hormones with the raw materials they need to build, balance and thrive.

•Cruciferous Vegetables

This family of flowering vegetables (brussels sprouts, cabbage, arugula, boy choy, broccoli, etc) is rich in sulphur, which helps detoxify the liver, cleanse excess estrogen, promote digestion, and give your skin a healthy glow. The liver plays a crucial role in hormone health as it helps balance and detoxify excess estrogen.

•Low Glycemic Carbohydrates

Winter squash (butternut, kabocha, acorn), sweet potatoes, berries, avocados, cashews, whole-fat plain coconut yogurt, peppers, green beans, tomatoes 

Adaptogens help the body adapt to incoming stressors or changes in the environment and have an incredible balancing effect on hormones; maca, ashwagandha and cordyceps 


Your day will look like….

Maca Matcha Latte with Gluten Free Oat Milk ( enjoy iced or warmed on the stove top)

Breakfast + Ashwagandha Supplements 

Seed Cycling Protein Bites; seeds help regulate your estrogen production.


Cruciferous Crudites


Brazil Nut Moon Milk Latte