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Lean Meals for Yoga and Pilates | Protein & Veggies

This offering was designed in partnership with Yogi's and Pilates Instructors to help those looking for a leaner physique.

Prices will change based on protein selection and serving size

  • - $1 per day for Chicken Only
  • + $2 per day for Seafood Only
  • + $1.50 per day to add Seafood

Meats are High Quality, organic and grass fed 

There are three meal sizes to choose from:

  • 6 oz of animal based protein and 1 C of vegetables
  • 4 oz of animal based protein and 1/2 C of vegetables
  • 6 oz of Vegetable based protein and 1 C of vegetables (VEGAN OPTION)

Cooked and packaged for easy use

Chicken (breast and thighs), Beef/ground, and turkey

Options available:

  • Chicken Only
  • Pescatarian
  • Add Seafood to standard plan
  • Vegan

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