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Lean Meals for Yoga and Pilates | Protein & Veggies

This offering was designed in partnership with Yogi's and Pilates Instructors to help those looking for a leaner physique.

Prices will change based on protein selection and serving size

  • - $1 per day for Chicken Only
  • + $2 per day for Seafood Only
  • + $1.50 per day to add Seafood

These meals are specifically made to support bodybuilders and the unique nutritional needs they require. Meats are High Quality, organic and grass fed when ever possible.

There are three meal sizes to choose from:

  • 6 oz of animal based protein and 1 C of vegetables
  • 4 oz of animal based protein and 1/2 C of vegetables
  • 6 oz of Vegetable based protein and 1 C of vegetables (VEGAN OPTION)

Cooked and packaged for easy use

Chicken (breast and thighs), Beef/ground, and turkey

Options available:

  • Chicken Only
  • Pescatarian
  • Add Seafood to standard plan
  • Vegan

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