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Fall Liquid Program

Gentle juice cleanse that’s both easy and effective that will nourish your tired, overprocessed, nutrition-craving body.

Breakfast: Green Wake-Up Smoothie and one serving of nuts

Midmorning: 1c almond milk

Lunch: Kale Celery Watercress Juice and one serving of nuts

Mid-afternoon: 1c almond milk

Late Afternoon: Kale Celery Fennel Juice 

Evening: Green Wake-Up Juice and serving of nuts

Bedtime:  Cherry Moon Milk 

Now, you may be thinking that this doesn’t look like your traditional juice cleanse. That’s because it’s not. It's a gentler rebooting that’s only meant to be a one-to two-day break from your normal way of eating, a break that will refresh your body and revitalize your spirit.

It’s also been carefully designed to deliver concentrated nutrients, along with some pretty necessary fiber, fat, and protein, that’ll make sure your body is balanced and that you don’t crash and burn.

The juices have a naturally low fructose content, and the almond milk provides protein, which helps stabilize blood glucose levels 

The nuts are there for crunch, protein, and fiber, so that your energy levels stay high and also so you don’t have to deal with that relentless hunger that comes with  most juice cleanses.

Tree Nut Allergy Clients appropriate substitutions will be made 

Add Detox for $45 per Day

  •  Fiery Carrot Ginger Energy Boosting Elixir (2oz)
  • Milk Thistle for liver cleansing
  • Triphala for digestion and elimination

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