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Postnatal Meal Plan

Ideal for post-natal moms looking for nutritious and hearty meals. This program is designed to help you stay nourished and full of energy so you can spend this special time bonding with your new baby and not shopping, cooking or cleaning.
Our nutritious and balanced menu with important micro-nutrients to help replenish nutrient stores after pregnancy and delivery (such as iron, iodine, zinc and selenium).
Protein smoothie, acai bowl, overnight oats, chia pudding, vegetable hash, coconut crème and fruit parfait, grain free granola with nut milk
Morning Veggie Juices
Spicy tomato, Green Machine, Citrus Kale, Carrot Ginger, All da lettuce, Herb it up, Cucumber Fennel
Nourishing Salmon Bowl, Sweet Potato and Cod Bowl, Chicken Curry and Lentil Bowl, Grilled Avocado Chicken Bowl, Grilled Flank steak bowl, Ground turkey, avocado and cranberry bowl, Spring vegetable and lemon shrimp bowl
Afternoon Elixirs
Week one - Activated Lemon Charcoal & distilled water
Week two – Beet and Ginger detox elixir
Week three – Apple cider vinegar, Lemon, dandelion and distilled water
Dinner Soups served with 7oz of roasted grilled chicken breast
Alkalinizing Green Soup, Turmeric Tomato, Detoxing vegetable, Cilantro spinach sweet potato, All the veggies, Curry Lentil, Beet Kohlrabi
Rotating Evening drinks
Golden Milk
Moon milk with ashwagandha
Medicinal mushroom milk
Bed Time Teas