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Seahawks Dancers 2019 Auction Prize | Functional Fitness Food | Protein & Veggies

If you are counting your portion sizes this is a great program to start with. 

Includes One (1) Charcoal Detox Water, Milk Thistle for liver detoxification & Triphala to support digestion & elimination.

    These meals are specifically made to support bodybuilders and the unique nutritional needs they require. Meats are organic and or grass fed 

    There are three meal sizes to choose from:

    • 6 oz of animal based protein and 1 C of vegetables
    • 4 oz of animal based protein and 1/2 C of vegetables

    Cooked and packaged for easy use

    Chicken (breast and thighs), Beef/ground, and turkey

    Options available:

    • Chicken Only
    • Beef Only
    • Pescatarian
    • Add Seafood to standard plan