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Superfood Cleanse

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Our Superfood Cleanse is designed to fill your body with nourishing ingredients without ever sacrificing satiety or flavor. While everything is gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free we are far more focused on what we put in than what you leave out—we’re talking tons of nutritionally dense “superfoods”, antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber and proteins like poultry and seafood.

Our Detox process starts thru….


Fiber is a complex carbohydrate that our bodies cannot digest, which is what makes it so helpful in supporting your detox efforts. Not only does fiber in food help us feel fuller longer, it also sweeps up toxins as it moves through our digestive systems and helps our bodies eliminate that waste. Found exclusively in plants, fiber is abundant in hemp powder, chia seeds, superfood blends


Antioxidants are fighters: they take on unstable molecules in our bodies, helping protect our tissues and cells. In the simplest terms, antioxidants detoxify our bodies from these harmful molecules. Superfoods have some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants in any known food and can be easily (and deliciously) obtained from many of our superfoods.


Chlorophyll, the molecule that makes plants green, is a cleansing champion. It neutralizes toxins and free radicals and helps to flush heavy metals, such as mercury, out of the body. The potent nutrients in chlorophyll also support healthy liver function and build oxygen-rich blood, which are both paramount in detoxification processes.

When it comes to our Superfood Cleanse, what you eat is just as important as what you don’t. By regularly consuming foods rich in fiber, antioxidants and chlorophyll, you’ll help your body maintain the smooth functioning and vibrant health it’s set up to achieve.

How we work...
Two days a week, we’ll deliver all the food you need for your day the duration of the program aside from water. Your meal plan will include plenty of colorful superfoods and essential nutrients needed to keep you fueled and satisfied. We prepare everything fresh in our private commercial kitchen and deliver within 12 hours of cooking, meaning you are always eating real food made from real ingredients.

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pudding, juices, tea and immunity elixir
  • 1,350 - 1,450 calories per day 
  • Green vegetables sit alongside lean protein per day
  • Protein includes fish, poultry and seafood
  • All meat is free-range from sustainably sourced
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Suitable for a Paleo diet
  • Always dairy, refined sugar and wheat free


What your day will look like....



BREAKFAST: Spirulina Protein Smoothie 

JUICE: Celery Juice 

LUNCH: Green Alkalinizing Soup (spinach, watercress, fennel, lime, asparagus, kale, 

SNACK: Sweet Potato Hummus Plate 

DINNER: Grilled Salmon with Roasted Root Vegetables 


Want to detox even more?....

Add-On 3 Day Liquid Cleanse $225

Add-On Detox Package: 

  • Triphala -  Ayurvedic medicine that helps with elimination & digestion (Once per day, evening)
  • ACV Vitality Shot - for metabolism & energy (Once per day, morning)
  • Milk Thistle - Mediterranean medicine for liver detoxification (Once per day)