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Superfood Cleanse - 7 Days

7 - Days

Superfoods are foods that have a very high nutrition density but with very few calories. They contain a high volume of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Our Superfood Cleanse is designed to fill your body with nourishing ingredients without ever sacrificing flavor. Everything is gluten and dairy free while preparing meals that contain tons of nutritionally dense superfoods, antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber and lean proteins that include poultry; turkey and chicken and seafood; line caught fish and shrimp. *This cleanse does not contain red meat; beef and pork.

What to expect……

Two days a week, we will deliver (Monday and Friday) all the food you need for your day ( Monday delivery contains meals for Monday through Thursday. Friday delivery contain meals for Friday through Sunday) for the duration of the program. Your meal plan will include plenty of superfoods and essential nutrients needed to keep you fueled and satisfied. We prepare everything fresh in our private, commercial kitchen in Pioneer Sqare and deliver within 8 hours of preparation

What your week will look like daily….

Lemon Ginger Shot

Superfood Protein Smoothie

Cucumber Celery Carrot Crudites

Lunch Salad

Protein Bites

Potassium Balanced Soup

(Vegetable Protein Broth)


Chia Pudding

Before Bed Tea