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Superfood Cleanse

Overindulgence, chronic stress, feelings of fatigue or sluggishness are the usual suspects, but there are also positive grounds for clearing out the cobwebs such as wanting to gain more energy and increase vitality, achieve higher levels of clarity, and realign with our internal guidance systems.

Organic Plant-Based/Protein Cleanse 


Sample of your day.....

Upon rising: Tea with lemon.... just add your hot water

ACV Shot

Breakfast: Ginger-Mint Pear Smoothie

Snack: Protein Bite

Lunch: Cilantro Spinach Sweet Potato Soup

Snack: Vegetable Crudités

Dinner:  Grilled Chicken Kale Caesar Salad 

Before Bed Drink: Cardamom Milk, Golden Milk, Cherry Rose Milk

Add-On 3 Day Liquid Cleanse: $147



Add-On Detox Package: $15 a day includes:

  • Triphala Capsule to assist with elimination & digestion (Once per day)
  • 1 Vitality Elixir Shot  for metabolism & energy (Once per day, morning)
  • Milk Thistle Tablet for liver detoxification (Once per day)

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