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Healthy Weight loss and Longevity Programs

Yes! The Custom Plate offers multiple personalized programs to support your health, longevity and weight loss needs with food and coaching.

Seattle's only 100% gluten free and dairy free meal prep and catering company

Below you can find food for the week, subscriptions and programs to optimize your health

The Custom Plate is all about being healthy, living your best life and feeling great. It’s not just about the food, it’s about having delicious, nutritious meals that taste incredible. We make it easy for you to eat healthful food at home without breaking the bank or sacrificing flavor. The Custom Plate takes out the hassle of meal planning so you can focus on enjoying life!

Healing Focused Specialty Meal Plans

• Low FODMap
• Mediterranean
• Whole30
• Anti-inflammatory
• Superfood Cleanse
• Liquid Cleanse
• Low Carb
• Ketogenic
• Antihistamine
• IgG Food Reactivity Testing informed Meal plans
• Vegan
• Pescatarian
• Paleo